Since the bareboat charter to the San Juan and Gulf Islands several years ago, I have not been in a boat or on the water until last year. A friend was moving away and could not take his Snipe sailboat and trailer with him. Boats are not titled in Colorado and California, to where he is moving, requires boats to have titles. So he sold the boat and trailer to me for $400. It came with 4 jibs, 2 mains, 2 masts and 2 booms. We took it out on a checkout sail. While the snipe has some standard rigging for jib and mainsail, there are a lot of performance tweaks for which I was not familiar. These included the whisker pole for extending the jib when sailing off the wind, adjustments to the mast to move it forward or backward, and a downhaul for the jib that tightens or loosens the luff of the jib. On top of that, the cockpit is very busy and not much room. One has to sit on the deck, which I found to be very uncomfortable. On the plus side the boat sailed very well.

After bringinG the boat home, I attempted to rig the boat myself which I was somewhat uncertain of. I put it away for the winter. This spring after thinking about this boat and how it would be to introduce it to my spouse who is not a sailor (she was on the trip to the northwest however). I realized that this boat would be much to complicated for her and with my discomfort in attempting to get a comfortable sitting position when sailing, I decided to sell it. It sold in less than a week and I made a bit of money on it (prices for everything have gone up. I put the money away with the intention of getting another boat, preferably a keel boat.

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The essays in this blog cover diverse topics such as sailing, judo, science, politics and just plain musing.


I started judo a long time time ago in Chicago.   Through it I have discovered many things about myself.  This section will discuss some of the many aspects of judo aside from being a means of self defense.  One of the things I will discuss is an aspect of “self defense” that I have not seen discussed elsewhere.


Being a sailor in a land locked state is kind of a contradiction.   Sailing can be done on inland lakes and of course in the ocean.   These can be vastly different experiences.


Unlike “Dr Science” (does anyone remember this reference?), I do not have a masters degree in science.  Rather I spent 4 years earning a Ph.D. in Physiology.  After spending that time in school, 3 years in research fellowships and 7 years as an assistant professor at a new medical school, I have a lot to say about this experience and the scientific method in general.


Will this be the savior of our planet as least in terms of the survival of the human race?   Over 10 years ago, I decided to start investing in renewables for my home.   I started with one array generating about 2 kilowatts and over the next few years expanded this to a 10 KW system.  I addded solar hot water and a geothermal system that are integrated into a hybrid system.


This will include discussions of politics and anything else that pops up.


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