San Juan Charter

After taking a bunch of classes last year get several certifications, I finally felt some degree of confidence for actually embarking on a bareboat charter.  The courses were

ASA 101 – Basic Keelboat (tested out of this requirement)

ASA 103 – Basic Coastal Cruising

ASA 104 – Bareboat Chartering

ASA 105 – Coast Navigation

ASA 118 – Docking endorsement

This spring I took the basic instructor qualification training (ASA 201).  Even though I was certified in the appropriate areas (ASA 101, 103), I still had to retake the written exams for these classes.  In addition, the actual instructor exam for the ASA 101 level, some 30% of the test consisted of the 174 pages of the COREGS, the international and domestic marine collision avoidance rules.   Very detailed consisting of knowing how the different types of vessels (barges, towing, fishing, sailboats, power boats, etc) appear at night with the various light configurations etc.   This is still in process.

I had previously wanted to charter but that would have been a disaster knowing what I know now about all that I didn’t know.  I decided that the best way to gain more experience, especially with a boat this big (41 feet), I would join the spring flotilla from San Juan Sailing in Bellingham WA, to cruise the Gulf and San Juan Islands.

These are the voyages of the sailing vessel Liberty going where none of us have gone before.   The crew consists of me as skipper, John Baals as Navigation and safety officer, LaVonne Gordon and Cyndee Baals as crew.




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