Charter is just a few days away. Finishing preparations. Lots to read about the boat, SV Liberty, a Hunter 41, sailing out of San Juan Sailing, Bellingham, WA. We will be sailing in a flotilla of about 10 boats, spending nearly a week in Canadian waters and visiting several sites on Vancouver Is as well as a couple of Islands on the US side. Will post the itinereries, pictures, comments etc daily (as I can and have internet access).

This is my first charter as skipper. John Baals will be 1st mate, navigator, etc. Joining us will be LaVonne (my spouse) and Cyndee for the 10 days. Some of the preparations have me nervous since in some areas there are a lot of rocks to look out for. If we pay attention to the charts and the aids to navigation (colored buoys and other markers) that mark danger areas and safe areas for travel, along with the currents and wind, we should be ok. This is a big responsibility and although I have the necessary certifications for skippering this boat, it is the first time. Once we get on the boat and underway, I should be fine. Its just that this is a big responsibility–safety for the boat and the people aboard–and its mine as skipper.

We will arrive in Bellingham on Tuesday May 25, listen to some briefings, meet people, go through the checkout list, stay aboard the Liberty Tuesday night. Will get provisions that night or the next day. Initially we plan to leave SJS about 10AM on Wed May 26 for Echo Bay on Sucia, a distance of about 18 nautical miles (doesn’t sound like much, but sail boats travel much slower than cars and at generally a more relaxing pace, with some exceptions).

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